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Saoirse's right about Kim pic

gAs pathological attention-seeker Kim Kardashian wallows in the glow of her latest publicity stunt, and her millions of followers on social media trot out absurd comments about it being "inspiring", a voice of reason has come from an unlikely source. Appearing on The Late Late Show last Friday Saoirse Ronan told it like it is. That's right - quiet, unassuming Saoirse let rip. "I saw a magazine cover of someone," she told Ryan. "She was naked. And it was not in a kind-of beautiful, kind-of artistic way. It was disgusting," she added. Like a lot of people, I always thought that Saoirse, while a very talented actress, was a bit beige. But we got it all wrong, all along. Saoirse, we salute you.

vAs TDs queue up to oppose the water charges, perhaps it is worth addressing the old question of their tax-free allowances. Last September alone, three Sinn Fein TDs who have decided to oppose the water charge - Gerry Adams, Martin Ferris and Pearse Doherty - claimed nearly €13k in expenses. Much of these payments are absurdly generous allowances for travel to and from their constituency and overnight stays. Those three expense bills alone, paid for by the taxpayer of course, equate to more than 50 annual household water charge bills -even more if the Government reduced the charge this week. Surely that's the thing we should be really angry about…