Tuesday 17 July 2018

Samuel L showed that real chivalry is standing up to trolls on Twitch hunts

'They weren't exactly instant BFFs. They were doing the standard nervous fidget -he adjusting his jacket, she her hair.

'They both cast cautious side glances at each other. The most awkward moment between two humans, ever. Shifting. Scratching their heads. Basically doing everything they could but engage with each other. Neither knew what to say'.

No that's not when Martin McGuinness met the Queen, they are quotes from the media describing the moment that Victoria Beckham met Samuel L Jackson at Wimbledon this week.

They were in the royal box for men's final. Shortly after the match social media was a alive with suggestions there was a giant ball of tumble-weed rolling silently between them.

No matter that Posh and Becks were photographed chatting with Jackson several times. It may well have looked like she was giving him the serious side eye at times, but sure that's her resting expression for everyone. She's not exactly all over her hubby either.

Cue Knight Samuel L on his steed then, revamping chivalry for today.

He put his cloak on the social media puddle for Victoria by tweeting 'Lotta Bulls--t goin' round, I had a ball sitting next to @victoriabeckham at Wimbledon yesterday," adding that the experience with the 40-year-old fashion designer was "Truly Lovely."

He ended it with "STFU!!" Well you can work out what that means.


Maybe it was a bit awkward. Maybe he was just being really nice about the whole thing. And if he was, well isn't it nice to know that even if you're a mega watt A lister, you still can suffer from that 'will I or won't I say hello?', social conundrum.

And chivalry in the 21st century, it seems, is standing up to keyboard warriors on Twitch hunts.

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