Monday 27 January 2020

Ryan deserves an RTE debate spot

We're overrun with random Independents, splitters and dodgy "alliances" hoping to emulate the power of the Healy-Raes and Lowrys, who held the balance of power for past governments.

If only there was a proper political party formed around a coherent set of ideas, rather than a group of people who've just fallen out with everyone else. Extra points if they had experience of government in tough times. Oh, hang on - The Greens!

All of their TDs lost their seats in the last election and so RTE has excluded Eamon Ryan (inset) from its Leaders' Debates.

It's not fair that a long-standing respectable party with elected councillors is excluded, while a shaky last-minute hook-up of spare TDs, such as the Social Democrats, is included. Ryan is a sincere man with a proud record. One in, all in, I say.

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