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Ripping off students hurts us all

EXPLOITING foreign students who have travelled to study here ranks among the lowest of the low.

But that is exactly what is happening in Dublin where hundreds of young people have lost their entire savings to private colleges which have gone bust.

In one heartbreaking case, an Italian student has told how €3,000 gifted by her parents to allow her learn English at a city college was taken without a single hour’s education in return.

This is not an image that will go down well internationally.

One can only imagine the possible repercussions on how effected students will view Ireland in years to come.

What if one of them has the choice between creating hundreds of jobs here or elsewhere? Where would they choose?

Were it to happen to Irish students studying in Europe or further afield, we would be disgusted and demand that they be recompensed. It is only just that the same happens here.