Saturday 16 December 2017

Rent crisis cannot be ignored

There has been much debate, comment and soul-searching this week in light of figures which show property prices racing ahead in Dublin.

But has the increased focus on the housing market ignored and equally big story - the problem of spiralling rents in the capital?

Dublin rental prices rose 14pc in the past year.

This week saw a Castleknock man tell a court that he could not find affordable housing while he's being forced to leave his current home.

Today the Herald reports that Trinity College, Dublin is advising students to seek accommodation in hostels, such is the rental shortage.

Meanwhile, a recent report authored by economist Ronan Lyons stated that rents are now approaching boom levels, driven by a shortage of suitable accommodation.

This is having the effect of squeezing those on the lower level out of the rental market, and causing hardship for others. This crisis is, in many respects, far more serious than that of rising house prices.

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