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Remember those of us most in need

THIS Winter will be extremely tough for those who have no place to call their own.

Focus Ireland, who work with people made homeless, claim 45 families lost a roof over their heads last month.

On top of this, 800 children and their parents or guardians were left without homes this year to date.

Earlier this month, Environment Minister Alan Kelly put an extra €4m towards keeping homeless services in the capital open until the end of the year. Those providing emergency accommodation, blankets, soup, sandwiches and a friendly word to those in doorways and alleys say more is needed.

Almost 170 were counted sleeping rough one night earlier this month.

The Government has been grappling with the water charges issue throughout recent weeks while those in dire need of assistance must wait at the bottom of a never ending housing list or rely on the goodwill of others to survive daily.

Time for us all to remember those most in need.