Sunday 20 January 2019

Recipe for a perfect holiday - sun, sand ... and my iPhone within reach

I WAS in Sicily last week. Gorgeous place.

I went with my mother and we did lots of exciting things.

We visited Roman ruins, ate at wonderful restaurants and climbed Mount Etna (well she did, I sat on the beach).

All the time I was there I became increasingly aware of my relationship with my iPhone. It was always in my pocket, or in my hand bag.

And my hand was never away from it for more than a few minutes.

One of the tour guides even mentioned Apple in a talk. Something about Apple being like the Romans, always in control. This could be all wrong as once she mentioned iPhone, I took mine out and checked my messages.

I have become so attached to the device that the thumb on my right hand has become sore from using it.

I wake up in the morning and check the news websites. I go to sleep playing Solitaire. My iPhone has become a third hand. I am addicted - and it's not a nice feeling.


I cannot then tell you then the excitement I feel for the iPhone 6. It is an uninformed, irrational excitement. A colleague broke her phone on Monday and I told her that she just had to get one.

She asked me why and I could only come up with two reasons. The first was "it looks cool". The second "everything will be faster".

In reality I had absolutely no idea why she or I should get the iPhone 6, other than we will be in the "we've-got-the-brand-new-phone-before-anyone-else" club.

We want the ooohs and ahhhs when we take it out and place it on the table.

And so my love-hate relationship with Apple goes on. I will put in my order for the new iPhone this week, while I continue to give out about U2 forming a relationship with the brand.

Oh, how fickle!

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