Wednesday 16 January 2019

Really, €300k a year at TV3?

TThe Sun newspaper has produced a "definitive list" of the top earners from reality TV, and it makes for fascinating reading. Fascinating, and unadulterated nonsense. Consider the listing for Brian Dowling, who has apparently earned stg£2.5m from 13 years in showbiz. How do they arrive at this? Well, in 2014, he has been "earning £300k a year for fronting a Saturday-night prime time show called Sitting on a Fortune for TV3". Putting aside the fact that his fee is - I'm guessing - likely to be about a tenth of that figure, one might point out that as the show hasn't been made yet, he actually hasn't earned a penny from it. It makes you wonder what the compilers of this list consider to be "reality".

dMichael O'Leary this week described himself as being just "a boring old daddy" and, far from being the terrifying boss to work for, O'Leary is fallible, and likes to be reminded of such by his staff. And classical scholar that he is O'Leary reveals the source of this humble attitude. "The Romans had the right idea," he explained. "When any general returning in triumph entered Rome on a chariot, he did so with a slave whispering in his ear: 'Remember, you're just a mortal'." I trust that O'Leary's "slaves" in Ryanair enjoy this part of their job, and it is obviously having the desired effect. Because like all "boring old daddies", he likes to think of himself a Roman emperor.

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