Wednesday 23 January 2019

Reality TV 'break' has done nothing for Edele Lynch's bizarre life logic

It's amazing what hopping into bed and a snogging someone live on TV that you've just met, followed by stripping off to promote Britney Spears' collection of undies, can do for the self-esteem of a 35-year-old, mother-of-three "businesswoman".

Even without a psychology degree, one would have thought that such behaviour would be, at best, papering over the cracks of someone who has just come out of a marriage break-up or, at worst, a desperate cry for attention.

It's an analogy that is made even more pertinent by the fact that the person in question, Edele Lynch, is also a musician with an album to plug.

In a newspaper this weekend, Edele spoke about the break-up of her marriage earlier this year, and her recent stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

And having read Edele's comments, it's hard to know where to start, as the plethora of contradictions do nothing but leave us even more bothered and bewildered at this B*Witched star.

While everyone has sympathy for Edele's personal problems, the logic that she applies in taking up the Big Brother offer so soon afterwards is curious, to say the least.

Asked if the did not think her emotions would be put under strain by entering the show, Edele said: "I knew I wasn't going to break down [in Big Brother] because I had a breakdown before Christmas. I knew my mental capabilities had already been pushed to their limits."


Which is rather like saying that she didn't mind jumping into the fire, as she had already been burned by the frying-pan.

Edele said that going into Big Brother was a wrench for her, as her kids would not be able to see her for at least a month.

When it was pointed out to her that they could always watch her on TV, she replied: "No way. It's a mental programme! The things that go down aren't good for children."

Curiously enough, she omitted to mention the thing that would genuinely have not been good for her children to see - their mother disappearing under the duvet with someone she'd just met, as Edele did with housemate George Gilbey.

Even more bizarrely, she claims that doing Big Brother so soon after the break-up with her husband was good for her, as she needed to "get away".

"I was living in limbo before I went in there," she revealed. "You can very easily do that when you're distracted with three young children. In the BB house, the only needs I had to care about were my own. It was perfect timing for me to just sit with myself and go through what I needed to go through."

Strangely, Edele's concept of "me time" to get away from the pressures of life was not to take a break somewhere isolated, and gather her thoughts away from the public glare, but instead to go onto a TV show which is recorded 24 hours a day for the viewing pleasure of millions.

And with Celebrity Apprentice and Big Brother under her belt in the past 12 months, I suspect this isn't the last we will have heard of Edele's unusual logic.

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