Thursday 18 January 2018

Pro Marty is back where he belongs

GIT was great to see Marty Whelan back on the telly for the Eurovision Late Late Show special. Marty is like a Foxford rug on a winter's evening - there to keep you warm, envelope you, make you feel happy. It's such a shame that he was taken off the National Lottery show on Saturday nights.

HHarrison Ford should be called "The Sequeliser". He already made a hames of the Indiana Jones movies by returning to the role a bajillion years later. Now he is about to do the same with Blade Runner. He really should leave well enough alone.

SSport is just great, and watching amazing sport is even greater. The Irish rugby lads made us all feel pretty fantastic when they whooped England's asses! Nothing like a win to take our minds off the ice and snow!

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