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Pot and kettle put reputations on line

Brian McFadden has got into a spat with a little-known Dublin DJ called Jamie Jay Car, who works for Near FM.

Following the revelation that Brian is to co-present TV3's version of the Christmas Toy Show, Jamie felt it incumbent upon himself to belittle McFadden, tweeting: "God, how his career went downhill."

Jamie deliberately tagged McFadden's Twitter handle on the tweet in order to provoke a response and, sure enough, Brian took the bait.

"Near FM?," he replied. "I'm probably getting paid your salary to fly in for one night. Suck it."


It was perhaps a taunt that Brian should have risen above, and as the presenter for a children's show this Christmas, he should bear in mind the accusations of unsuitability that he lays himself open to by casually referring to people as "pr**ks".

And I accept that Jamie has every right to voice his opinion.

That doesn't mean, however, that the DJ should play footloose with the facts. Brian's career is actually on the up, with a respectable TV career in the UK coming together. So next time Jamie might like to consider the following.

Before you take to social media to sneer at other people's achievements, it might be worth checking that you've actually achieved something in life yourself.