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Pizza survey carrying a lot of weight

Pizza chain Milanos have conducted a survey to discover what your choice in pizza says about you.

And the only surprise is that such fatuous twaddle, which usually only finds its way into newspapers during the summer months, found purchase in the press last week.

A "smell and taste expert" was wheeled out to lend some credibility to the findings, which involved testing 500 customers to find correlations between their personality and their choice of pizza.

And the results are sadly predictable - Goat's cheese pizza lovers are sensitive; Pepperoni lovers are extroverts; Seafood pizza lovers are intelligent.


This nonsense would be harmless, but for the fact that it landed on the very week that the UK government revealed the cost of fighting obesity-related illness - a staggering £47bn-a-year - with our refusal to take any exercise and our fondness for fatty foods, of which pizzas chains are a major supplier, being one of the bigger causes.

All of which can only lead one to conclude the following point, which was curiously left out of the report.

Aside from what the individual ingredients of your pizza may or may not say about your character, two things are sure.

If you took part in this ludicrous survey, you've obviously got too much time on your hands. And you should probably think about going for a run.