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Panto jibe 'just cruel and poncy'

AN Irish Times journalist was recently criticised for the language in her review of Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick's Christmas Panto, with Sarah Keating describing it as "a narrative of cross-dressed lovers, off-the-cuff in-jokes, and so many queer gags you might be at a drag show".

All of which prompts a necessary observation.

Firstly, reviewing a panto by applying the customary standards of theatre is unnecessarily cruel. Everyone knows that its cheesiness is its selling point, and the popularity of Sammy Sausages and co shows that the duo must be doing something right.

And if any proof of this were required, the news that their company posted profits of nearly €900,000 in 2011 shows that they know exactly who their audience is.

And that poncy theatre critics are not part of it.