Wednesday 16 January 2019

Our royal couple show their usual hard working class

So congratulations to Amy and Brian.

Not just for the announcement of their second arrival, but also for the fact that they've managed to keep it quiet for so long and for how Amy chose to tell the world.

While other people congratulate themselves on hiding their pregnancy for three or four months, Amy managed to keep her good news under wraps for nearly seven.

Of course it's no surprise that no-one would have suspected, as it is the couple's working lives that dominate the headlines.


Following on from Brian's joining up with Newstalk and BT sport, it was revealed just two weeks ago that Amy was on the verge of submitting her first film script to a production company.

Hardly the actions of a woman about to give birth within a couple of months.

It seems that the pair are embracing their status as Ireland's royal couple by following closely in the footsteps of their UK counterparts, and it was gracious of Amy to give Will and Kate at least a couple of days' worth of newspaper headlines before making her own announcement.

But there is, of course, one thing that sets them apart from the British royals, and which makes them even more appealing to the Irish public.

It is an unavoidable truth that the most attractive thing about our own royal couple is that they actually work for a living.

There is inevitable sniping from some quarters in the UK every time a new heir to the throne is born, to the effect that that the British taxpayer will spend most of their hard-earned cash supporting that child for its entire life.

Brian and Amy, on the other hand, escape any such criticism, and are a thoroughly modern couple, who don't let the distraction of children, or their exalted status in Irish society, distract them from the reality of a working life.


After all, in revealing her expectant status to the world, Amy referred to the ubiquitous "outfit of the day" tweet, so favoured by celebrities who get paid to publicise the clothes and jewellery they're given for free, by adding Brian's name to it.

"Thanks for all the lovely messages! #ootd coat by Cos, necklace by @newbridgesilver, bump by @BrianODriscoll x," she tweeted, in a message that subverted to genre.

It was no coincidence, after all, that Newbridge Silverware, who pay Amy to represent the company, got named-checked in her tweet.

Amy may well have ascended to royal status in Ireland, but she clearly hasn't forgotten which side her bread is buttered on.

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