Monday 18 December 2017

Oliver's army of gags hits the right note

Oliver Callan
Oliver Callan

OOliver Callan's comedy show, Callan Kicks, returns on Friday, and already the comedian seems to be displaying a healthy attitude towards the objects of his humour. There's been a growing feeling that Mario Rosenstock has been getting a bit too cosy with those he impersonates, with chef Donal Skehan being the latest person to reveal how much he enjoys Mario's mocking of him. All of which is a sign, of course, that Mario isn't doing his job.
 Oliver, on the other hand, seems to have a healthy disinterest in whether the likes of Paul Galvin, President Michael D Higgins or Nicky Byrne like his take-offs of them. "I'm not sure what their reaction will be," said Oliver, "and I don't particularly care." Which is exactly as it should be...

IIt's been a great week for the Irish at the movie box office. In the US, Jack Reynor's breakthrough movie, Transformers 4, grossed nearly $100m (€73m) in its opening weekend, making it the biggest movie of 2014.
 Meanwhile, back home, Brendan O'Carroll's little piece of celluloid, Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, made €1.02m in Ireland alone in its opening weekend. While this may seem paltry in comparison, let's not forget that the population of the US is 69 times that of the Republic. Which means, in proportional terms, that D'Movie grossed the equivalent of $96m in its first three days. Not bad for an extended sit-com...

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