Friday 15 December 2017

Now we've got crooked tax officials

IT is profoundly disquieting to learn of incidents of fraud and illegal activity detected among staff of the nation's Revenue service. Investigations have detected several incidents of wrong-doing by individual members of Revenue and Customs.

Cases have been uncovered involving the forging of tax records, the selling of contraband cigarettes and the defrauding of thousands of euro from the State.

While the vast majority of the 6,000 Revenue staff working are fulfilling their important role with the utmost integrity, it is, nonetheless, deeply disappointing to learn that individuals in their ranks have been breaking the law.

Internal probes have uncovered dishonest activity and gardai have been called in to investigate cases of suspected illegal activity.

The nation depends, more than ever before, on an absolutely reliable taxation and Customs service in these straitened times of national financial crisis.

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