Friday 24 November 2017

Nothing edgy or Noble about Nobby's Nadia putdown

With Nadia Forde being forced, on almost a weekly basis, to talk about the latest person that she is not dating, it is refreshing to know of at least one relationship that did take place.

For three years, Nadia dated FM104 DJ Mark Noble, with the couple splitting in 2011. It seems that time has not healed the wounds, as last week Nadia accused her former beau of boycotting her music, to the extent that FM104 seem blissfully unaware of her existence.

"FM104 don't play my music at all because of my ex-boyfriend," raged Nadia. "They don't even talk about me."

It does seem slightly curious that FM104 would be the only Irish radio station to have avoided mentioning someone who has been in the news so much, because even if they are not personally fans of her music, there is no denying Nadia's popularity amongst a share of their listeners. Having taken the decision not to publicise Nadia, however, one would have thought that the best response on FM104's part would have been to retain a dignified silence. But that, of course, is not the way of Mark Noble, one half of the self-confessed "edgy" Jim Jim and Nobby show.

Two months ago, the duo were reprimanded by their employers for breaking an embargo to announce Ed Sheeran's Croke Park concert, having decided it would be really "edgy" if they announced it before Ryan Tubridy's 2FM show got the chance. So it's no surprise that Noble was unable to resist hitting back.

"There is nothing personal about this decision," he explained. "If it was a brilliant song, of course we'd be playing Nadia's song. It just sounds like a Eurovision song."

Nobby may well be telling the truth and there may be nothing underhand in his station's total aversion to Nadia, but his bitchy put down of her music is not "edgy." It's just idiotic.

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