Tuesday 25 September 2018

Not just the sexiest in the world ... our men folk make a great cup of tea too

Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender

Great news lads. Give yourselves an appreciative round of applause and maybe even a wolf whistle. MissTravel.com, a US-based travel and dating website, has announced the results of a survey that polled "over 110,000 singles to discover the most desired nationalities".

The survey asked 66,000 single women and 45,000 single men to rank the top ten sexiest nationalities in the world - and Irish men came out on top for the ladies, while the men chose Armenian women as the sexiest nationality.

The survey found that men, apparently, are all about the looks. When asked to rank the qualities that contributed to attractiveness they stated 'body type' and 'facial features' most frequently.

When asked which qualities affected their decision, most women (49pc) said 'accent'. Honestly though, I doubt that it matters what Colin Farrell or Michael Fassbender sound like. If they could just be in your eye line, sure that would be fine.


I've always preferred Irish men to other nationalities. Who else can make a great cup of tea - a crucial characteristic for most wimin. What about a good fire? Years of living in draughty, damp homes has honed this skill for Irish lads. We'll see your Bear Grylls and raise you a lad from Galway. Keep her lit and all that.

They love their mammies too. Like, really love them. You know if you have a boy, he'll be calling you up and doing little jobs around the house for you even when he's in his 50s. They're fierce chivalrous. Sure didn't we all get the tux jacket around our shoulders on the debs night?

They're in touch with their feminine side as well. What Irish lad do you know who hasn't been moved to tears when a bit of loose ball was gathered up and lobbed over the bar to secure a victory in extra time?

They also tend to really lose themselves when present at the birth of their first born by saying something poignant like, "fair play".

Fair play lads, you're the sexiest in the world. But we knew that all along.

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