Tuesday 23 January 2018

No-one should cast a vote for Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Back in 2008 when Hillary and Barack were slugging it out for the Democratic nomination, a masterclass in political and humiliating sexism was delivered almost every single day of the campaign.

There were the industrial-strength Hillary Clinton nutcrackers for sale: "With stainless steel thighs…this Presidential hopeful can crack open the toughest nuts that stand in her way". There was Hillary Clinton toilet paper. She was called a bitch and a ball-breaker on social media and hecklers shouted at her to "iron their shirt".

Already a Republican strategist said she's had enough of Hillary Clinton doing that whole 'woman thing'. According to Ana Navarro: "I don't need her to drown me in oestrogen every time she opens her mouth."

Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly has said "there's got to be a downside to a woman president".

What does this mean? What downside? What is he getting at?


This time out gender will be even more to the fore. That's smart - more women than men vote in America. Clinton's team has made a decision that, unlike the last time, they'll play to her gender. The fact that she's a mother, a grandmother and a wife.

Last time they tried to play it down. She was pitched as being like one of the lads. But when she teared up that time in New Hampshire, letting her tough image slip momentarily, she actually won the primary there.

Some things I don't want to hear during this campaign include, "women will vote for her because she's a woman" and "people won't vote for her because she's a woman".

Or anything about Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Hillary's hair, her pants suits or her scrunchies.

I really hope voters don't decide not to vote for her because she's a woman.

As much as I hope nobody votes for her solely because she is a woman.

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