Thursday 14 December 2017

No secret why Vicky's TV series bit the dust

VVictoria Smurfit (above) is an actress that I am reluctant to criticise, as she is charmingly low-key about her career, displaying a refreshing distaste for the hype that surrounds the US movie industry.
 When her TV series Dracula was axed after just one season, however, Victoria seems to be indulging in a spot of self-delusion, which is most unlike her. Commenting on the studio's decision not to make a second series, Vicky (above) stated that: "It would have been lovely if it had gone on, but it 
felt like we finished it. We all felt like we told the story."
 This would seem to suggest that the show ended voluntarily, and wasn't axed. But when you consider that ratings started at a respectable 5.2m viewers for the premiere, but dropped to a measely 2.4m by the eighth episode, it's perfectly obvious why there is no second series. The viewers had switched off.

V A fascinating picture emerged in the weekend papers, which showed music legend Van Morrison entering a chauffeur-driven car, in the back seat of which was an attractive blonde lady. 
 Morrison's reclusiveness is the stuff of legend, yet while his lady companion was attempting to hide her face with her hands, Van, with a new auburn tint to his ridiculous comb-over, seemed happy to pose for a photographer. Surely it should have been the other way round?

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