Wednesday 16 January 2019

New jersey will certainly pack 'em in

jIt's six-packs only for the unveiling of Ireland's new rugby kit, it seems. I'm not sure it works though. The corporate' logo is far too big. And is it me or does it somehow manage to give super-fit players like Andrew Trimble and Rob Kearney a bit of a belly? They clearly haven't thought of your average rugby fan who likes few pints. How would he would look in it?

II see Starbucks is testing out a latte in the US that's meant to taste like Guinness. They should really have considered testing it here, where you can actually get good Guinness. I wonder does it involve a two-step pour? They should have spent the time trying to get their regular coffee to taste better.

SSo the new iPhone bends if you carry it in your back pocket, it appears. Where else would you carry it? Mind you it doesn't bend so much that you can make it into an iWatch. But Apple has form in mess ups. Remember how some of the batteries on the iPhone 5 used to overheat? But the company also has form in new gadgets, so no doubt it will bring out something to sort the problem - for a few hundred quid. Maybe call it the iFix?

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