Saturday 19 January 2019

Nerd summit is now just the best thing Eva

Ccongratulations to Paddy Cosgrave and the other Irish founders of next month's Web Summit. What started out, I seem to remember, as a small gathering of nerds in a room above a pub has grown into Europe's largest technology festival, with 20,000 expected to attend. Guest speakers will include someone from Facebook, the guy who invented Dropbox, and the lad who founded Zynga, along with 19,997 other geeks. All of which sounds life-sappingly tedious. But as the organiser of the VIP Style Awards for the past 13 years, I note that they have also secured the attendance of Eva Longoria, which makes me truly jealous. So congratulations again, Paddy. It's only taken you four years to discover the key to a good event.

IIt's been nine months since the Animal Rights Action Network were disgusted by the opening scene of Love/Hate, in which a cat was gunned down, because this would naturally lead to Ireland's youth machine-gunning down every kitten then saw. Now ARAN has taken issue with Joan Burton's use of the expression "there's more than one way to skin a cat" as this will, just as inevitably, lead to everyone going out and skinning cats. I hesitate to use the expression that best comes to mind to describe the antics of these busybodies and their lazy hunt for a scapegoat. Because in saying that ARAN are flogging a dead horse, I'm obviously encouraging everyone to do exactly that...

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