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My diet advice? Stop stuffing yourself

Derek Davis.

Congratulations to former RTE star Derek Davis, who has shed five stone over the summer and is now down to an, er, slimline 15 stone.

Not for Derek, however, the stress of dieting or an exercise regime. Instead, he had an operation to remove the fat through a procedure called bariatric surgery, which cuts down your hunger by reducing your stomach capacity.

According to the doctor who performed the surgery, diabetes sufferer Derek is more prone to putting on weight, as he has an overactive hormone in his stomach which sends signals to the brain to eat more than is healthy.

Which is all very well.

But while your stomach may be telling you to eat more, surely your eyes can likewise tell you that a plate stuffed with sausages, chips, beans and pudding is not good for you?

Derek has raged that such a procedure is not paid for by the HSE, as with the need to treat a chronic level of obesity in Ireland draining the health service dry, he feels it would save the taxpayer money in the long run, calling the Goverment's decision "bad accounting."

But I've an alternative suggestion, which doesn't seem to have occurred to people like Derek. Stop stuffing your face with burgers, pizzas and crisps.

This has an added advantage over simply saving the HSE money.

It saves you money as well.