Wednesday 23 January 2019

Murder near school is an outrage

Is no place safe from Dublin's gangland gunman?

That's the question many will ask in the wake of the murder of Benny Whitehouse yesterday.

The victim was shot dead, and his partner injured, seconds after he dropped his child off at a local primary school in Balbriggan.

The killing took place at 9am as other parents brought their kids to school, and youngsters themselves walked in for the day's classes.

That such a crime could take place in broad daylight, and so close to a school, is an outrage.

Unfortunately this same school was the site of security alerts earlier this year, linked to an ongoing feud.

This forced gardai to maintain a presence there at stages.

The murder of Benny Whitehouse, combined with the security alerts, indicates the scandalous degree to which gangland thugs can disrupt the lives of decent, law-abiding families.

Are the streets near our schools set to be the new killing fields for gangsters? How long before an innocent is injured, or worse?

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