Tuesday 17 July 2018

Mum's the word as Rory gets back to winning ways

GGood old Rory McIlroy is back in the game. In more ways than one. Yes, that was a terrific win at the British Open and it seems like the Irish golfer is fully focused on his game again. And the fact that he dedicated the win to his mother? Well, there must be someone who has taken him aside and given him a few PR tips. Result? Hey presto the world loves him again! 

II went into St Stephen's Green last weekend. It was a beautiful day and everyone was smiling. I thought I'd have a look at people feeding the ducks, but I got a little bit of a shock. Instead of the ducks there were a huge number of big, fat, smelly seagulls, all paddling around the pond. At one stage a kid was trying to get bread to a little duck but 10 seagulls annihilated the poor thing and got the bread. Seagulls - the clue is in the name. Get your big, smelly asses back out to sea, and let our poor little ducks come back into the city centre pond!

II cannot bear to think what the families of the victims of the MH17 air disaster are going through. It's beyond comprehension to witness how the crash site is being treated - bodies being left to decompose, no tents placed around the area and a general lack of respect for the victims.

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