Tuesday 25 September 2018

Move away from Mad Men politics

'Lap gate' in the Dail
'Lap gate' in the Dail

Now that all constituencies have been totted up, one of the most notable things to come out of the British election is the fact that there are more women (29pc) and more minority politicians than in any previous parliament. There's also slightly fewer who've been to fee-paying schools. Here, parties have to field 30pc female candidates in the next general election. The parties are struggling to find women. Not because they're not there but because the Government has failed to tackle the things that prevent women from running for office in the first place - childcare, culture and confidence. They might also think about getting rid of that laddish culture in Leinster House. If there was less Lapgate-style controversies (inset) maybe women might see it as a parliament, rather than an office from the set of Mad Men.

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