Thursday 20 September 2018

More sexism in politics? Mon dieu

So, female French journalists have signed a petition denouncing sexism from male politicians.

A front page of the Liberation newspaper this week read "get your paws off me". Forty female reporters gave examples of the sexist and demeaning behaviour they endured while working. Mon Dieu. How unbelievable that such sexism would exist in the corridors of power. Hang on. We can't exactly tut tut here. We had Tom Barry mistaking Leinster House for Coppers when he pulled Aine Collins into his lap during the debate for the Protection of Life During Pregnancy bill, followed swiftly by Fine Gael dismissing it as "a bit of horse play". Like cool the jets everyone, we're only having a laugh. Where's your sense of humour? Fix me a drink after you've located your funny bone.

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