Monday 11 December 2017

MOD on Monday: Blaise O'Donnell is now a style icon? Yes, a pompous, deluded style icon

Blaise O'Donnell
Blaise O'Donnell
John Perry

Ireland's most stylish women will take to the red carpet next month when they appear at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards on April 24th.

Having got that seemingly gratuitous plug out of the way, I should add that the reference to being well-dressed is not entirely random, as the subject of sartorial elegance, and what it says about a person, is a topical one.

Because the inevitable has happened as regards the continuing antics of the loathsome O'Donnell family, whose attempts to stop Bank of Ireland from repossessing their Gorse Hill mansion have hogged the headlines in recent weeks.

Yes, the media has finally chosen to comment on the participants' style.

Behind every greedy chancer, it seems, there's a smartly-dressed young woman, and just as Sean Quinn Jnr's imprisonment in 2012 was noteworthy for the daily visits of his wife, Karen Woods, as she modelled each day for the benefit of the waiting press, so Brian O'Donnell's daughter Blaise (inset) has caught the eye of Ireland's fashion gurus.

Yesterday, one commentator wrote breathlessly about Blaise's style, in terms that must nauseate most people who consider the family to represent everything that is wrong with avarice and self-entitlement.

"Every day, Blaise dresses in beautifully cut, tailored pieces that outline her curvy figure and give her 'presence'," the article gushed.

"It is her legs that reveal the 'real' Blaise: skinny jeans, leggings, black opaque tights, all scream 21st-century female who isn't going to conform...She is not going to hide who she is - class and sex - to play invisible."

Blaise's expensive style, many would argue, is just another example of how undeserving this pompous, deluded family are of any sympathy. It is certainly immaterial because if history has taught us anything, it's that being well-dressed is no barometer for human decency.

It's a fact that was highlighted this weekend on The Late Late Snow. If one was in any doubt that clothes do not make the person, one only had to look at the contrasting attire of the two main guests - Ryan O'Neal and Russell Crowe.

The former, immaculately presented in a suit and tie, proceeded to make a grotesquely inappropriate joke about his daughter Tatum.

Crowe, who appeared next, was dressed like someone on their way to the off licence on a Tuesday night to pick up a six pack and bag of Doritos, yet his dishevelled appearance was no guide as to the clarity of his mind.

Referring to O'Neal's shambolic performance, he stated: "Let's not discuss it any further, but how f**ked up was that?".

Blaise O'Donnell may be "rockin' the cool Notting Hill clique trend", but her Stella McCartney-chic is quite frankly an obscene irrelevance.

Someone like Russell Crowe may dress like a bum, but he's got more class in his un-manicured little finger than the whole O'Donnell family put together.

Perry had a 'preferred candidate', and voters might soon have one of their own

Amongst the clique of 'Politicians That Time Forgot', whose members-in-chief are the gombeen fraternity of Michael Lowry and Michael Healy-Rae, we can now safely add Fine Gael TD John Perry, who appointed his wife to be his parliamentary assistant on a salary of €38,000 p.a.

Despite previous comments from the Taoiseach that he disapproves of such appointments, Perry went ahead last January and gave Marie Perry the job. Though he claims that he has nothing to be embarrassed about, the TD curiously enough to registered his wife in her maiden name with the Oireachtas authorities.

John also trotted out a line about how well qualified his wife is to be his professional assistant, and thereby showing that, even domestically, Perry is still mired in that forgotten time when wives' primary purpose was to support their husband's career, rather than have some life of their own.

But now comes the news that Marie Perry was only keeping the seat warm, until John's "preferred candidate" becomes available next month, and that this crucial position is actually going to be filled by his former ministerial driver, Thomas Walsh.

Because, of course, one of the primary qualifications needed to be a politician's right-hand man is the ability to drive a car.

While this may all smack of the time-honoured 'jobs for the boys' mentality, it is important to reiterate that, though there may be a perception of cute-hoorism, John Perry claims he has done nothing wrong. Of course, he is entirely correct in that regard, as it is we, the electorate, who are entirely at fault. After all, we voted him into office.

Thankfully, however, his tenure is only a temporary one, as I sense that he is simply keeping the Sligo-North Leitrim seat warm until the next general election. At which stage, the good people of Sligo will hopefully vote in a preferred candidate of their own.


Has anyone seen Jedward lately?

My favourite sibling-based pop group, Jedward, have just completed filming their roles for Hollywood blockbuster Sharknado 3 (inset). And the good news is that their characters survive in that movie, opening up the possibility of reprising their roles in Sharknado 4.

"We don't get eaten," said John or Edward. "They wanted to keep our roles open because we are going to totally do loads of stuff. They killed off everybody else but didn't kill us off."

There is, of course, the possibility that the producers of Sharknado didn't kill Jedward off for an entirely different reason - they omitted to do so as they had simply forgotten the twins were still around.

Just like the rest of us had...

IFTAs 2015  - twice the embarrassment

If nothing else, you have to admire the resilience of the people behind the IFTAs.

Having presided over an unmitigated debacle last year and then being dropped from this year's RTE schedule, one suspected that may have been the end of the Irish film and television industries annual p***-up.

Quite the contrary, however, as a new deal with TV3 will see the ceremony split into two separate shows - one for movies this summer, the other for TV shows in the autumn - and the Irish Film Board will continue to fund the event. Which, of course, means that the taxpayer will continue to fund the event.

So as punishment for staging one national embarrassment in 2014, the Irish Film and Television Academy are being paid to put on two this year.

Only in Ireland...

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