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Minority may drag down protesters

Everyone has a right to protest.

The debate concerning looming Water Charges has gripped the country. Many, who have paid through the nose since the economic collapse, strongly believe the utility bills are a step too far and have taken to the streets to voice their anger. Last weekend, up to 150,000 did so peacefully and sent a clear and concise message to their government.

However, others attaching themselves to the anti-water charges protesters are engaging in violence against gardai and Irish Water workers.

Uniformed officers and contracted workers are being subjected to vitriol and targeted in an orchestrated campaign of harassment and intimidation. It is completely illegal and wrong.

Protest by all means - like the vast majority of done over recent months and weeks - fairly, loudly and most of all, within the law.

Those who overstep the line should face another important arm of our State - the courts and justice.