Friday 19 April 2019

Michael O'Doherty: Ouch, Nadine's not so nice about Cheryl

NADINE Coyle has been quoted as saying -- though she denies it -- that Cheryl Cole has got too big for her boots, and overstretched herself in believing she could conquer the US, taunting her with the line "I have more talent in my little finger, why would I be jealous of a failure?"

Her claims that the story is untrue, however, is not helped by a similarly bitchy comment from her agent on Twitter, claiming that "Cheryl has no friends", which rather hints at a concerted attack on Nadine's former Girls Aloud bandmate.

We should, of course, listen closely to anything that Nadine has to say on the subject. After all, is there anyone better positioned in the music industry to talk about failure?

Higgins is a headline grabber, complaining about queen proves it

Typical -- just as my opinion of Socialist TD Joe Higgins was beginning to thaw -- a few solid performances on Vincent Browne's show giving the impression that he was actually sensible -- he's come out and put his miserable, whingeing, leftie foot in it again.

The bill for the twin visits of Queen Elizabeth and Barack Obama has just been revealed, and it's something of around €20m.

And despite the enormous benefit to the country of these trips -- it's conservatively estimated to have generated €300m worth of publicity -- Joe can only see the negative side.


His latest pathetic attempt to grab a headline features him demanding that, far from showing gratitude to President Obama for spending a day in our sad, bankrupt little country -- a visit that generated immeasurable media coverage and goodwill towards many aspects of Irish society -- Joe feels we should invoice him for the full cost of the trip.

His logic? Well, according to Joe, the US blocked the burning of senior bondholders, which means we have to pay them back the billions we owe them. And as US President, Barack Obama is directly responsible for this, he should cough up for the cost of his visit.


It's typical of Joe and his socialist cronies' infantile thinking. There's no big picture for them, no understanding that blindly pouring billions into job creation is not the most cost-effective plan in the long term.

And there's no grasp of how important foreign investors and foreign tourists -- the very people who'll have been impressed by our treatment of the high profile visitors -- are to getting this country back on its feet.

It is deeply ironic that, for a man who claims to have his finger on the pulse of the 'ordinary working people' of Ireland, Joe -- surely the Victor Meldrew of Irish politics -- could be so tragically out of sync with what the vast majority of Irish people think.

The two trips were a resounding, unqualified success, whose benefit to Ireland outweighs perhaps 50 times the cost involved.

They were a credit to our people, our politicians and our gardai, all of whom shone on the world stage.

It's also ironic that quite a percentage of the cost that Joe is whining about went on security, especially surrounding the queen's visit, which was necessary to control the very trouble-making scroungers who, without suggesting that Joe condones their actions, make up much of his fan base.

If a cynic is a person who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing, then along with his title as Ireland's greatest moan, we can now crown Joe as Ireland's Greatest Cynic...

Why Ryan should be happy at Marks attack

I RECENTLY wrote about an interview Ryan Tubridy conducted with actor Rhys Ifans and drug smuggler turned author Howard Marks, suggesting that both guests were the worse for wear, and should never have been allowed on the Late Late.

So it came as no surprise to find Marks admitting as much this week, saying that both were "drunk as f***" and that, for good measure, Marks was also stoned.

He went on to join the great debate about how Ryan is shaping up as a presenter, and declared that "I don't think Ryan was very good that night... I'd have preferred Gay Byrne."

All of which must actually have cheered up Ryan. After all, if he's being criticised by a shambolic, drunk stoner, he must be doing something right.

RTE can still afford self-praise

AS it prepares another round of budget cuts, and seeks to lay off 70 staff, RTE has been trumpeting the fact that it won 17 awards at the New York Festival Radio Awards this week. Now I hate to rain on its parade, but this is all very well until you scratch a little below the surface.

The awards were not for any of the high-profile music or current events shows that account for the vast majority of RTE Radio's listenership, but instead for technical aspects such as editing and sound, as well as dramas and documentaries which, while of high quality, attracted relatively small audiences.

So instead of Marion Finucane or Joe Duffy flying the flag, it was technical and production crew who decamped en masse -- at considerable expense to the Irish taxpayer -- to NYC to pick up their gongs. And the very niche nature of these awards didn't, of course, stop RTE from also dispatching a TV crew to cover the event.

Sure, times are hard in RTE, but when you can indulge in a bit of self-congratulation, the normal rules don't apply...

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