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Michael O'Doherty: Isn't it about time that privileged Michelle got some sense of perspective?


Michelle Morrison

Michelle Morrison

Michelle Morrison

It is easy to unfairly dismiss the concerns of the well-heeled amongst us with the traditional, disparaging phrase of being "first world problems".

But in a week when genuine tragedy has been evidenced in the shape of six Irish students tragically losing their lives and nine black Americans being senselessly murdered inside a church, anything that seems like a first world problem stands out even more starkly.

For that reason, there is something grizzly about Michelle Rocca's ongoing battle with her neighbours, something truly objectionable about the money being spent and the court time being taken up by such a trivial affair.

Say what you like about the much-lamented O'Donnell family, formerly of Gorse Hill, who lived down the road, at least they were fighting for possession of their house.

Michelle, on the other hand, has been embroiled in a legal battle with her next door neighbours for over five years, with the entire fuss being about the "privacy" of her home.


Rocca has complained that new trees they have planted are inadequate to shield her against - heaven forbid - having to see the neighbour's property and that a window they are proposing to build in their new extension will allow view of her back garden.

As the case rumbles on, it's been revealed that she's spent a mind-boggling €850k so far on legal fees, with still no end in sight.

With nearby resident Pat Kenny having famously had his own battles with his neighbours, and the O'Donnells having wasted so much court time this year already, we now have another privileged, palatial home-owner on Dalkey Hill hogging the headlines with their petty obsessions.

To the good residents of that part of Dublin, can one suggest the following message?

Get some sense of perspective.