Wednesday 16 January 2019

Michael O'Doherty: Gushing George really loves his free car

It's been months since George Hook put his name to something in return for a bag of cash, so it came as no surprise to learn that he's just become a 'brand ambassador' for Peugeot.


The deal is straightforward -- you're given a free car, and in return you do some corporate work for the company, and generally gush about the motor whenever you get the chance.

And in deciding that George was "an excellent brand ambassador for Peugeot", the company's MD has shown great judgment.

Nobody, after all, does gushing quite like Hooky. Once there's something in it for him, George will give his heart, soul and a fair few quarts of spit on behalf the product, as anyone who has watched his toe-curling Sky TV campaign will testify.

It's deeply ironic, of course, that while George criticises Luke Fitzgerald for not being "focused" enough on his rugby game, he is himself the living embodiment of someone who regularly does nixers outside of his main job as a TV and radio presenter.

Plugging Sky, opening shops, promoting cars... he was even going to be the chief entertainment on a cruise last year, until the organisers pulled the plus due to a lack of bookings.


I expect that we'll hear plenty more from George in the coming year about his latest perk. He's already declared himself to be impressed with the "big family car" (well, it would need to be), and describes it, with his trademark rapier wit, as being "a pleasure to cruise along the motorway".

This is the first of many gushing comments I expect he'll make about how much he loves the car he's been given for free.

All without, for a split second, compromising his editorial integrity on the shows he presents, or the columns he writes...

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