Wednesday 24 January 2018

Michael O'Doherty: Bigots display ignorance over Norris Aras bid

YOU may not agree with David Norris' views or his lifestyle, but you must agree that he has as much right as anyone to run for President.

If you did, however, you wouldn't be one of the idiots currently waging a war against homosexuality through the Campaign For Conscience website.


They've added a new string to their bilious bow this week, launching the

deceptively titled davidnorris4president.com, which sounds like an official site until you log on to it and discover the Campaign For Conscience's ignorant, bigoted views.

How apt it is that the campaign's acronym is CFC, as it sums up perfectly the noxious fumes that these backward simpletons spew forth from their websites, especially the new one which specifically targets David Norris, and on which they denounce gay people as being anti-Christian, leading promiscuous lifestyles and spreading AIDS.

As the man who used to lecture me on English in Trinity, and whose boundless enthusiasm and sheer likeability came across in the first interview I ever conducted for a magazine, I'm not ashamed to say that I'm in Team Norris.

What Ireland needs is more people with his integrity, dynamism and vision, and less reactionary morons like the Burkes.

The best thing that could happen is for one of their clan to run for the Presidency themselves.

And when they see how few votes they get, they might realise what most sensible people in Ireland think of them.

Calum Best really is some idiot for milking his dad's image for all it's worth

I'm relieved this week to be able to reveal that one of my few apparently irrational dislikes -- Calum 'Son of George' Best -- can be revealed to have a basis in reality. Because we've all just discovered what I've suspected all along -- he's a bit of a tit.

Calum has revealed that he's considering legal action against his aunt -- George's sister -- over the sale of memorabilia that George left her in his will.

Though it was George's decision to leave her his entire estate, except for a watch that he left to Calum, and though the sale is being forced by the executor to help pay off some of George's debts, Calum still has a bee in his bonnet.

"This is my legacy, these are my heirlooms," he rants, and we might feel a tinge of sympathy for him, had he not led such a useless, self-indulgent life. As a classic male AMW (actor, model, whatever...), it's hard to think of what Calum would have done had he not had the name Best to use with a series of TV appearances in which he revealed, time after time, a talent for absolutely nothing.


Even as Z-list celebrities' CVs go, his makes for gruesome reading. A guest appearance on Footballers' Wives and Celebrity Love Island, a televised road trip spin-off with fellow Z-listers Paul Dannan and Fran Cosgrove.

A judge on Paris Hilton's British Best Friend, then a contestant on All Star Family Fortunes. And, er... that's it.

So why is Calum so well-known? Simple, really -- he is George Best's only son -- and boy has he milked that for all it's worth.

A list of celebrity conquests that allegedly includes Lindsay Lohan, Elizabeth Jagger and Sarah Harding.

Personal appearances and modelling assignments galore, and the inevitable dose of boozing and carousing tabloid headlines. All of which, conveniently, he could blame on his father's genes...


Far from being left nothing but a watch by his Dad, Calum has been left the most important thing of all. His name.

It's opened up more doors, and loosened more women's clothing, than Calum would have had any right to expect had he not been the 'Son of George'.

Even his claims that he's turned his life around after years of "self- destruction" ring hollow -- his latest business plans include putting his name to a fragrance and a clothing line.

But he still doesn't get it -- people are backing him because they're interested in the 'Best' part of his name, not the 'Calum' part...

George may have shared his son's fondness for women and boozing, but he also possessed a magical skill with a football, a great sense of generosity, and a charming, self-deprecating sense of humour.

It's a shame none of those were passed on to talentless, vacuous, pretty boy Calum.

Cheesy secret no surprise, Amanda

Amanda Brunker has confessed her guilty pleasure is cheesy old musicals, with Maurice Chevalier singing Thank Heaven For Little Girls.

She admits that people may be surprised, as she likes to think of herself as "a bit of a rock chick".

Surprised? I'm gobsmacked, Amanda.

I assumed all along that you listened only to cool, edgy music, the more 'indie' the better.

Which is why you agreed to be a judge on the forthcoming All Ireland Talent Show...

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