Wednesday 13 December 2017

Michael O'Doherty: Aonghus McNally's career is hanging by a hair

Aonghus McAnally. Inset: Aonghus in 1986.
Aonghus McAnally. Inset: Aonghus in 1986.

Aonghus McAnally has got himself a hair transplant, an expense he has justified by saying that, like Marty Whelan before him, his appearance is important to his work. "I'm in showbusiness - it's what I do."

This may come as a surprise to anyone under the age of 40, as the news would probably provoke the comment "Aongus who?" After all, it is 45 years since Wanderly Wagon, and over 20 years since he presented The Lyrics Board.

Aonghus, inset, has been worrying about the death of his hair for the past five years but, to be honest, his days in showbusiness passed away long before that.

Aongus' hair will grow back. Sadly, there is no procedure that will do the same to his TV career!

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