Sunday 25 August 2019

Melanie Morris: Why Giggs's poor wife should call full-time

It seems the skeletons are coming out of Ryan Giggs's closet en masse right now, and are making a pretty picture for the paparazzi.

What started with a super injunction is now becoming yards of tabloid fodder as we discover that not only was the Man United footballer carrying on with former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas, but -- oh yes -- he'd also allegedly been having an eight-year affair with his brother's wife Natasha. Which only ended this April.

All of this while keeping a wife and young family gloriously in the dark.

It seems no turf is too sacred for the Welsh man to simply barge in and help himself. Even while his wife was having, and rearing, Ryan Giggs's young family.

Giggs can't be so stupid, or unaware of the consequences of his actions, and yet he is. Over the weekend, his brother Rhodri has left his wife Natasha and is talking of paternity tests; while sponsors who have contributed to the footballer's €34m empire are looking wobbly.


It seems the whole house of cards has come down upon the Giggs family, who -- conveniently -- are out of the country on holidays at this time. And there's even talk of more to come. No wonder Ryan didn't want us to find out what's really been going on.

I don't know why footballers feel they are entitled to live by a different moral code to the rest of us. If they're not cheating on their wives with Page 3 girls, they are sending pictures of themselves in their pants to random girls they've met on Facebook. Or getting into complicated sex games in five-star hotels.

And we, the public, lap up the lot when the stories appear in print; almost giggling behind our hands as yet another set of lives gets shattered.

I guess Giggs hoped he could get away with it all by clamping legal writs on all media, but Twitter caused the blanket of silence to disintegrate, as word escaped like water out of a leaky bucket. And rightly so. Why should the courts be used to cover up some of the most unsportsmanly behaviour since Tiger Woods?

Back within the Giggs family, while holed up in a Spanish villa, the long-suffering Stacey Giggs is still with her man. I'm not sure what she's waiting for; possibly to see if there's even more revelations to come? Whatever, she's with a rat. One who's close to the end of his career, and with a very distorted view of reality.

She should pack his things and dump them, and him, back at the Manchester watering holes where Ryan Giggs would play fast and furious. There's surely nothing to save when your husband simply can't stop scoring -- on or off the pitch.


Stacey Giggs is still young and beautiful. She has a lifetime ahead of her.

Meanwhile, her husband will no doubt continue to play an off-side, away game while the sponsors start to edge away.

She's already let him get away with too much, it's time to call full-time.

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