Saturday 19 January 2019

Melanie Morris: Stunning new look, Sarah - but believe me, the men will have the final verdict

I did the switch from blonde to brunette, writes Melanie Morris, and the novelty soon wears off

One word says it all ... my fiance Trevor's opinion on seeing a picture of a newly brunette Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud ... "Mneh".

How utterly deflating for the poor girl, had she heard it. To spend time and energy, and no doubt a lot of money, reinventing your look, and then launching yourself during London Fashion Week, only to be met by a resounding "mneh". Well, I hope her fiance Tom Crane was more positive.

My hair has been most colours of the rainbow through my lifetime, but usually blonde, bar a seven-year interval when I flirted with scarlet red. But, three years ago, on the advice of my style guru pal Triona McCarthy, I went to the dark side.

It was around the time Jordan went from blonde to brunette. And Kathryn Thomas and Rosanna Davison too. Obviously, all of us beauties wanted a change, and perhaps a more low-maintenance do.

It was quite a big step, to venture into a salon with tawny locks, only to emerge a couple of hours later, all dark and sultry.

The subsequent change was to affect more than my hair; I had to overhaul my make-up bag too. And the colour of the clothes I wore. For the first time, blues and oranges suited me better than blacks and pinks.

Did I have less fun? No, I don't think so, but I'm a big believer that we make our own good times in life. But I certainly look back on my 'dark years' as some of my most liberated and enjoyable.

My own hair benefited from its new mahogany colour, and looked glossy and much thicker thanks to no nasty bleach or peroxide. But I got bored quickly. As did Rosanna, and Kathryn, and, now I see that like the others, Jordan has returned to blonde too.

So, I wonder how long Sarah will stick it out before the novelty wears off and she misses that distinctive smell of ammonia which heralds a platinum crowning glory.

Whatever her genetic code might dictate, I believe Sarah to be a 'natural' blonde. She's brash and mouthy and loves being at the centre of attention -- so much so, isn't she always positioned in the centre of Girls Aloud?

Sarah's the one who's been snapped swigging from the neck of a bottle of whiskey, she's the mouthy ladette who oozes sexy confidence with an ability to pull all-nighters and out-party the hardest of lads. The brassy blondness was all part of that package.

So, is this a new direction for La Harding? Is she growing up, calming down and getting set for married life? Please don't tell me it's a necessity!

I think the dark looks good on Sarah. It's sophisticated and sexy, and, as she sat in the front row of Vivienne Westwood's London show, her extrovert personalty continued to shine.

But I'm not a bloke. And we all know what works for a woman might only muster a "mneh" from a guy. Sarah better prepared to be underwhelmed with the feedback at home.

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