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Majority voted for Sepp - end of story

I WAS discussing Sepp Blatter with some pals, and wondering why there are no investigations into his dealings at FIFA. This is my good friend's dummies guide to Sepp.

"Metaphorically speaking, he knows where the bodies are buried. He goes down, they all go down.

"He also dispensed largesse, giving to clubs that were poor and needy.

"Crumbs from the king's table. Like Haughey being remembered for giving free travel while he lived like a king in Versailles".

Good answer. John Steinbeck once wrote that "power does not corrupt, fear corrupts, perhaps the fear of a loss of power".

Blatter (above) was re-elected as head of FIFA. Whatever about the corruption within the body, it is clearly not an issue for the 133 countries that are happy for him to still be there.