Wednesday 16 January 2019

Lynda is just so very brave

LLynda Bellingham is so very, very brave. The actress has told how she informed her doctors that she wants to stop her chemotherapy and take control of when she is going to die. She wrote, "I would love to make one more Christmas, if possible, but I want to stop taking chemo around November in order to pass away by the end of January." I don't know if I could be that brave, or dignified. I admire her hugely for her decision.

vI can't keep up with the amazing television dramas that are being hurled out at a rate of a bajillion per month. I have already missed True Detective and Game of Thrones. Now The Leftovers, The Knick, Fortitude and The Blacklist will come and go before I know it. They're coming too thick and fast and I can't keep up. Stop making them so quickly guys! It's not fair!

GGolfers are a funny bunch. They were obviously never the cool kids at school - those were the soccer, rugby and GAA players. These kids would have gone off on their own, hit balls on their own and carried their clubs on their own. To see them air-punching, high-fiving and whipping up the crowds at Gleneagles is like witnessing teenage lads being cheered for the first time.

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