Friday 18 January 2019

Louis has used this recipe before

BBrian McFadden has continued to embarrass Louis Walsh over the latter's less than impressive culinary ability. With Brian presenting Who's Doing the Dishes on UTV, he has revealed: "I nearly vomited watching Louis marinade chicken wings," he joked. "He just poured ketchup, mustard and water over them. The diners refused to eat it."

Before questioning Louis' skill, however, it is well worth remembering that he has previously shown a great aptitude for throwing together random, raw ingredients which didn't possibly seem to have a chance of gelling, and somehow making it work.

I believe he called it Boyzone.

MMy favourite half-Bangladeshi Irish model, Shahira Barry, is on the cusp of finally fulfilling her ambition of posing nude for Playboy.

Having secured her working visa in the US, Shahira has revealed that while she is giving it one more going over in her head, it is likely to happen next month.

"I'm considering carefully where I want my career to go," she mused. "It's not the posing nude that worries me, it's more about where I can take my career after that."

So let me save you the brain exercise, Shahira, and answer that last question for you. You will take it exactly where 99pc of all other Playboy models have taken theirs. Nowhere.

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