Monday 18 December 2017

Loud, annoying creatures ... that we voted to keep

Ned O'Sullivan, inset, an angry bird
Ned O'Sullivan, inset, an angry bird

Speaking in An Seanad last week, Fianna Fail senator Ned O'Sullivan (left) made the following historic pronouncement: "I have nothing against pigeons - but I am very much against seagulls. Something needs to be done to address the seagull problem here in this city, they really are vermin."

Last year, when the debate was raging about the abolition of the Senate, its supporters defended the House as a vibrant buffer to the Oireachtas, and a vital cog in the maintenance of democracy.

So how apt it should be that it has shown its true teeth by focussing on the major issue confronting Ireland today - the proliferation of seagulls.

After all, one group are loud, annoying creatures who flit into the city when the mood grabs them, and do little except create an expensive mess at the taxpayer's expense.

And the others are seagulls.

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