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Little will be insufferable if he doesn't find something to keep him occupied


Mark Little

Mark Little

Mark Little

There'S only one thing as predictable as a demoted employee claiming they're happy with their demotion, and that's someone whose company has been bought out claiming they're staying on to work for their new bosses when we all know they'll be gone within the year. Which is exactly what has happened with former RTE presenter Mark Little and his online business, Storyful.

Back in December, he sold his share in Storyful to media giant News International for €18m, but vowed to stay on. Six months later, inevitably, he has decided not to, and likened his leaving the company to when a parent realises that their "little baby is all grown up and doesn't need me any more".

And sadly, in his departure, Little has shown himself to be as toe-curlingly pompous as ever.

"So why would anyone of right mind step away from this kind of turbo-charged business? It's hard to explain to those who haven't lived the start-up life. There comes a time when your continuing benefit to your company is outweighed by the personal cost of not moving on to the next challenge," he said.

Why doesn't Mark just say that, having pocketed a shedload of cash, his heart isn't in the company any more now that he doesn't own it, and he wants to enjoy life with his new-found wealth?

It would make it more palatable, and easier to relate to, than the incessant, mid-Atlantic corpworate mouthwash he continues to spew out, and the desperate need he feels to tell everyone what a restless entrepreneur he is.

On the other hand, I sincerely hope he finds himself a new project and throws himself headlong into it. After all, bearing in mind how pompous Little was when he was busy and relatively poor, can you imagine how insufferable he's going to be if he's idle and rich?