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Lisa won't don her GAA strip

LLisa Madden, the Cork model who will represent Ireland at the Miss Universe contest in January, has revealed her ambition following her rise in the public consciousness. "My dad's dream would be for me to do Celebrity Bainisteoir," said Lisa. "I think he would have me out training in two weeks' time!" Beauty pageants are often criticised as being stuck in a time warp, but it seems that Lisa's temporal confusion is not on the catwalk, but closer to home. Because it must have escaped her dad's attention that Bainisteoir was axed by RTE two years ago.

IIt's not just RTE who are terrified of speaking ill of Travellers, as film director Jim Sheridan stands accused of the same crime. This week, he suggested that actor John Connors could be a Hollywood star. "He could be big in Hollywood, if he wants it," said Jim. "He's certainly a great actor from what I've seen."

Coming from a man who has directed Richard Harris and Daniel Day Lewis, it's an extraordinary statement. Connors' entire oeuvre consists of playing a Traveller in Love/Hate, and a traveller in movie King of the Travellers. It's too early to describe him as being typecast, and sure, he's very convincing as Paddy, but there is nothing to suggest he has the range or ability to crack Hollywood. The next Liam Neeson or Daniel Day Lewis? Come off it, Jim.