Wednesday 29 January 2020

Liberty Hall - the HQ shelled while empty

Liberty Hall was heavily shelled by the British during Easter week - despite the fact that it was largely vacant.

The building, the headquarters of the Irish Transport and General Workers' Union, was the Irish Citizen Army's HQ.

In the months leading up to the Rising it had been used as a munitions' factory and the IRB met here on Easter Sunday - opting to proceed with the Rising with fewer numbers, after Eoin MacNeill's order to Volunteers to stay home.

Some 1,000 rebels left from Liberty Hall at noon on Easter Monday, armed with guns, homemade bombs and grenades.

Two days later British forces, believing that the building was occupied, bombarded it with shells from a gunboat - The Helga - on the Liffey.

The empty building was extensively damaged in the bombardment.

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