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Let Blanc in ... then hit him where it hurts

RRay D'Arcy has lent his support to a campaign to ban self-styled pick-up artist Julien Blanc from being allowed to travel to Ireland to give one his seminars, whose misogynistic content has caused so much controversy.

"If he's let into this country," said Ray, "I'll be out in Dublin Airport stopping him getting into this country."

But aside from the right to freedom of expression, surely there is another argument for allowing Julien in?

After all, if he had to pay to come here, publicise the event, hire a venue, and then no-one turned up, wouldn't that send him an even stronger message, while also hurting the thing that is his second-favourite possession? His wallet.

MMuch is made about skinny models, and how unrealistic it is for most to achieve their level of fitness - they are born that way, have a different genetic structure, they starve themselves etc.

Roz Purcell is, by any standard, a skinny model, yet most people don't believe that she eats as much as anyone else. So how does she do it?

Well, while the rest of us will be eating and drinking till our belts explode over Christmas, Roz will be in a training camp in Lanzarote, avoiding alcohol, eating healthily, training every day and, by the sound of her, having a great time doing so.

The secret is the difference between people who stay healthy, and those who don't. Discipline.