Sunday 25 February 2018

Lego's not friends with our little girls

Lego is at it again. The latest edition of Lego Club magazine - aimed at children aged five to 12 - includes a section on 'Emma's Beauty Tips' which suggests hairstyles based on face shapes.

"Oval faces can often have almost any haircut because almost everything looks great on this face shape!", it declares. Little girls with square faces need a style to "soften the edges of your face" while poor long-faced five-year-olds can get a haircut to "help your face appear shorter".

I forgot of course that Lego doesn't have our daughter's best interests in mind. It's no surprise that a company marketing 'Lego Friends' - characters with beauty salons and cafés, who decorate their home before going 'out with the girls' - wants to make cash by selling toys at the expense of little girls' self esteem.

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