Tuesday 12 December 2017

Kim Kardashian as a style icon? It's just happened

I AM not one of Kim Kardashian's 27.4m Instagram followers. I've never watched more than five minutes of Keeping up with the Kardashians - and that was only once.

I don't like 'belfies' and I had no interest in the 'royal' wedding of last year.

And yet, since the first pics of Kim's new hair were posted yesterday, I've been obsessed.

You'd need to be living in a bunker not to know the brunette has turned platinum. She's gone to completely the other end of the hair colour spectrum, and cut about a foot off her mane too.

While it was Kim's intention to 'break the internet' a few months back with her nude pictures, yesterday's photo, taken in Paris just after her transformation was the one that almost did it.

And for once, the world seems to agree - good move, Kim, you look great.

Funny, it's not like yesterday was a slow news day, or the middle of the silly season where tales from the outside world are sparse and sluggish.

Right now, it's the start of Paris Fashion Week, the ridiculous stand-off at Gorse Hill has had us all enthralled and then Harrison Ford's plane crashed. Yet all this is trumped by a hairdo.

I sort of hate myself for being so interested in one woman and her haircut, but it comes in the same week that Cheryl Cole also had a bit of a transformation, hacking off her mane and the acres of extensions imbedded in it for a short, choppy, textured 70s bob.


The result is fresh, sophisticated with plenty of height and movement at the crown, tapering into something elegant at the neck. She looks even more pretty and doll-like.

The solution to a bad break-up, the dawn of a new life stage, the finishing touch to a new career and the determiner of a great night out often have one thing in common: a new hair style.

Seeing these famous women put their locks, and their looks into their hairdressers' hands has, I think, sparked something in a lot of us.

Not since Jennifer Aniston sported 'The Rachel' has there been such hair-steria, but we see the sort of transformation that can be achieved.

Suddenly, the long, big, bouncy, bouffy abundant styles so favoured by socialites, Miss Worlds, and Panti Bliss seem totally outdated.

We've had a collective wake-up call. Perhaps it's time to say goodbye to the long curtains of hair we've spent hours - or days - trying to tame into place. Maybe it's time to show our true style colours and get with the times.

I never thought the time would come where I'd look to Kim Kardashian for direction, but seeing her sharp blond hair, skim her shoulders and tucked behind her ears make me re-evaluate what's going on on top of my own head.

I might just follow her in Instagram for a bit to see how the new look settles in...

- Melanie Morris

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