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Karen's one hard-working mum-to-be

IIt's my colleague and pal Karen Koster's last day in work today before she heads off on maternity leave. Talk about giving it her all over the last few weeks. She handled the high pressure gig of the TV3 Toy Show with professionalism and without a single complaint. And literally stood for six hours during rehearsals, refusing to take a break and not moaning once. Not even once. Karen carried out all her usual workload without taking any time off. This baby is one lucky child to have a mum as hard-working and good humoured as her. Best of luck Karen.

fTHE TD Alan Farrell has called someone a "moron" on Twitter. Normally you'd expect a politician to be trained/savvy enough to not abuse someone like this. If you disagree and don't want to get into it an argument, well how about ignoring them? The Dublin-based politician has form, though - he's previously called Sinead O'Connor "as mad as a brush". There are many names readers might have for Deputy Farrell but we wouldn't publish them. It's abusive, you see.