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Kanye more shocking than Kim's derrière

WWhat's so deeply shocking about Kim Kardashian's bum pic is this we find anything this woman does, shocking. And while we're well used to Kim's insatiable appetite for publicity, hubby Kanye's tweet ('#ALLDAY' alongside a pic of said derriere) has hurt my eyes even more and made me feel slightly nauseous. It's overshare - one of the worst phenomenons of the modern age.

TJOKES about Fran's rape scene in Love/Hate are still doing the rounds. It's quite shocking that so many seem to think male rape is funny. Would there have been the same amount of hilarity if a female character was raped? Memes or jokes glorifying sexual violence de-sensitise us and upset survivors. To you, a non-rapist, they may be just a joke. But to others, it reinforces a belief that they were asking for it.

LLocation, location, location. We've always known that postcodes matter. Tens of thousands of euro can be added to the value of your home for no another reason than you live in Dublin 4 and Dublin 6. This week we learned that death rates from cancer are almost twice as high in poorer parts of Dublin compared to more affluent areas. You see, some people really do live in their own little world.