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Jake's no match for jungle Nadia

NNadia Forde's chances of progression on I'm A Celebrity... have been boosted by the arrival of Jake Quickenden, someone who may conceivably provide her with a love interest to keep the viewers enthralled.

There had been a danger than an excess of grey matter would permeate proceedings, with philosophical discussions prevailing over snogging. Now, however, we have Jake the anthropologist.

"Kendra's personality is pretty mint," he declared, "Nadia's quite sweet and pretty, and Mel's got a banging body. Edwina's smoking and Vicki seems lovely."

'Mint', 'banging' and 'smoking'? Come to think of it, maybe Nadia should run a mile...

aCongrats to Brian McFadden and Karen Koster, who have defied the cynics and acquitted themselves superbly in presenting TV3's Toy Show.

They say you should never work with children or animals, but Brian showed himself to be a natural, while eight-and-a half-months-pregnant Karen pulled off a remarkable feat.

We often hear about the difficulty female TV presenters have with juggling their presenting duties while looking after children at home. So hats off to Karen, who put them all to shame.

After all, she managed to pull of her presenting duties while simultaneously carrying around a child with her on stage.