Wednesday 19 September 2018

I've had enough of calamity TV dads

So Peppa Pig (below) delivered a billion-dollar return for her owners last year. The tiny swine is also expected to sign a broadcast deal for China. Ker-ching.

I hope the profits aren't off the back of portraying Daddy Pig as a complete moron. Daddy Pig is painted as stupid, unshaven, out of shape and lazy. Sure, he's loving and faithful, but Daddy Pig seems mostly to be a bit of a hindrance.

In one episode, Mummy Pig, Miss Rabbit and Mummy Sheep put out a fire set by the hapless Daddy Pig, who couldn't even get a decent barbecue together.

He's not the first - Fred Flintstone and Homer Simpson have been similarly portrayed. As Father's Day approaches next month, it's worth remembering that most daddies aren't stereotypical calamities.

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